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Genesis Computer Systems

Computers are our Specialty

Founded in 2010, Genesis Computer Systems LLC is a small, locally owned business with offices in Mayville and Beaver Dam, WI

Business Services

We offer several consulting options for business and education. We will find a plan that fits both your needs and budget! All plans will be customized specifically for your business

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We come on-site to fix: hardware, software, or networking issues.

Many of our services include monitoring, which will alert us to potential problems immediately.

Voice over IP

Sends and receive calls over your existing broadband.

Scale up as your business grows and scale down when you’re reigning costs in. VoIP is flexible to your business needs.

Remote Diagnostics

Sometimes, just a quick peek is all you need to fix a problem or answer a question.

We now offer the ability for us to safely and securely log directly into your computer to fix the problem. Saving you time and money.


Many times, networking is done with a move or expansion. However, it can be covered under preventive maintenance or an emergency. We can help troubleshoot, enable you to work remotely, upload/download data to other computers, smart phones or have information be accessible on the internet.

Instant IT Evaluations

We come in and review your network, your office systems, intranet, web tools, internet and workflow. By assessing all aspects of your technical environment, we get a thorough background of your technology infrastructure so we can help you plan for updates, prevent problems and service you better.


We start with an evaluation of your server(s) and we can recommend the best configuration to assure your most important asset is running at peak efficiency. We can recommend the best configuration to assure your programs and data are safe, secure and everything is being backed up.

Design & Engineering

We can design and implement server and network solutions for you that will give you peace of mind. Our solutions are designed with redundancy, speed and security all in perfect balance. We have designed and installed solutions from simple single files servers to complex multi-server / multi-site redundant solutions.

Desktop Preventative Maintenance

We come in regularly to service your computers to increase longevity, ensure backups and anti-virus are protecting you in addition to any list of technical tasks you may have. Ask about this service we call "Tech for a Day".


Many companies have wireless today. Contact us to test the security, speed and coverage of your network. We have found many companies that put wireless in 10 years ago and never upgraded the security on them. If you have been waiting to install wireless, NOW IS THE TIME.

Advanced Monitoring Service

A proactive approach to keeping your servers and network equipment running at near 100% uptime. By actively monitoring your systems 24/7, Genesis is able to detect problems before they arise and help avert them.

Home Services

Genesis Computer Systems offers MANY services for home computers and users. Please check out a list of some of the many things we can do to make your computer run at its best and put your mind at ease

Contact us now to see what Genesis CS can do for you!

Laptop Repair

We are trained in laptop repair spanning a vast array of brands, makes, and operating systems. We can also resurrect that “I think it is dead” or “It is way too slow” laptop and get it running like the day it was purchased.

Many people feel that when they drop their laptop or crack their screen it is time to purchase a new laptop. This is not true. We can replace most laptop screens for a lot less than you would expect. We have a large number of vendors we purchase laptop replacement screens from that we have found to be very dependable and at some very low prices.

Computer Upgrades

Whether you have a desktop or a laptop we offer many solutions to upgrade any component in your system. Whether you need more memory (RAM) or a larger or faster Hard drive, we have you covered. Have you found your gaming graphics to be too slow? We have many solutions for gaming level video cards to get you up and online with the highest of quality.

We can also upgrade your older laptop or desktop with a Solid-State Drive increasing your overall computer speed by as much as 10 times. Some people think their laptop is too slow and needs to be replaced with a new one. We have solutions with Solid-State drives that may have your laptop running faster than the day you first bought it.

OS Re-install

Sometimes a solution to a massively infected computer system is to start from scratch. Or you may finally be getting around to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8.1. We can format your existing drive and install a fresh copy of windows. You can also speed up your computer or laptop by a factor of 10X by doing this in conjunction with a Solid-State Drive upgrade.

General Diagnostics

This is charged for every computer we look at. We will do a thorough check on both your software and hardware. If there is a problem with Windows, a virus, or a hardware component, we will find it and let you know what all your options are. We will provide you with a price so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Virus Repair

We offer a comprehensive virus removal service that not only will remove all that pesky and sometimes dangerous Malware and Viruses but we offer software and methods to make sure your computer is always protected. Viruses not only can destroy your files and bring your computer to a screeching halt, but many new viruses are less obvious and are designed to steal your information. This can include login and password information, credit card numbers and any other information that can be used to steal your identity. Please see our SUPPORT page for some documents on password security.

New Computers

At Genesis Computer Systems all of our desktop computers are designed and built by us and we stand behind our guarantee. The computers we design and build come with a FREE 1 Year Warranty covering parts and labor. We have new computers starting at $400. Stop in to discuss your needs and future upgradeability and we will put together a custom tailored system for you. Let’s see a big box store do that for you.

In-Home Services

All of our services we perform in our shop we can also perform at your house. Some situations are best for us to work on in our shop but others are best if we are onsite. When you call or stop in we will discuss what you are having trouble with and pick the best course of action to get you back up and running quickly and cost effectively. Genesis Computer Systems understands that some senior citizens as well as homebound computer users may not be able to bring their PC’s in for work to be done. We respect this and we waive any and all trip charges for these circumstances. Other services best offered In-Home are:

  • Wireless Network Setup: We can install and setup wireless network systems that are very secure and very scalable. If you want to have wireless in your backyard or your basement, we have a solution for you. Wireless security is one of our specialties and we assure that we will keep the wireless hackers at bay.
  • Internet Connectivity: strong>Getting the right internet provider at the right price is something many people struggle with. Consult with us and we will make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Whether you are an occasional user or a hard core gamer, we will find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. We will also see internet installs through to the end to make sure all of your many devices are security connected and have accessibility to the internet.
  • Printer Setup and Repair: strong>Sometimes printers can be repaired. Not always are these always a “Disposable Item”. We can take a look at your printer and if we can fix it, we will. If repair service is not cost effective we will find the printer that is right for you and your work load and install it for you as well.

Backup / Restore / Recovery

When the worst happens to your computer be sure to have a good Backup and Restore procedure in place. Disasters can come in many forms and can happen at any time. From power surges to computer viruses sleep well knowing your data is safe.

  • Backup: Genesis Computer Systems has many backup solutions available. Backing up your data on a regular basis is a must in today’s busy life. There are many ways a computer can become corrupt and your data destroyed. Make sure you have a full backup available at all times for when these disasters occur. A single simple virus can leave you without any of your data.
  • Data Recovery: Sometimes drives in computers get corrupted, damaged or even destroyed. We have in house recovery options for drives and USB keys to restore your files from a damaged or corrupt drive. If we cannot recover your file we are partnered with a Data Recovery Warehouse that will look at the drive and quote you a price for data recovery. Some hard disk drives fail mechanically and require a facility with a “Clean Room” to be able to recover your important data. They will analyze the drive for free and let you know the cost as well as what they can recover.
  • Password Removal: Whether it is a single file on your computer or your computer itself, sometimes passwords get lost, forgotten or many other reasons. We can remove passwords from your computer or laptop as well as many files. Please contact us with your needs and we can let you know what it will take.


Mark from FDL

My pc never ran properly from the day I bought it. Genesis CS went through and cleaned my pc. They also added Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2011. I couldn’t be happier with the speed and performance of my pc! Great job Genesis CS! Thanks again for the great service and I will be recommending you to everyone I know that needs any type of computer assistance!!

LuAnn from FDL

I was having a lot of problems with my computer. Genesis CS was able to determining the problem and gave me options. They did a great job fixing my computer; they even saved and restored all my personal data. Genesis CS was able to do this quickly so that I was not without a computer for very long and their price is very reasonable.

Lenz Truck Center

Genesis CS has been providing us with computers for a year now. We have been very happy with the machines we have received. Genesis brought consistency and reliability to a very mismatched and distraught network. Genesis took the time to understand our company’s needs and expectations. We will never go to another company for computers again.

Dave from FDL

These guys know their stuff!! Speed of service is everything. My laptop had a melt down and they were able to identify the problem and properly install the appropriate corrections in a more-than timely manner. I have used their service for many years and will continue to do so in future.

Brett from FDL

Genesis built my Notebook computer and I couldn’t be happier. It has been by far the best computer I have ever owned in my life. Thanks to Genesis CS for their attention to detail and getting exactly what I was looking for!


Founded in 2010, Genesis Computer Systems LLC is a small, locally owned business out of Mayville, WI. We are happy to serve our local community as well as all our nationwide customers. Our service technicians all have years of experience in all aspects of computer science. Our philosophy is to provide the same high quality service you get at the big box stores at a price they can’t beat. We maintain low overhead by doing minimal advertising and pass the savings on to you! Please repay the favor and tell your friends to use Genesis CS for all their computer needs!

In June of 2018 we were pleased to announce our new location at 1659 N. Spring Street in Beaver Dam. Next to Care Wisconsin in the Heritage Shopping Center.

And Don’t Forget Included FREE With Every PC Is The Genesis Guarantee!


Mayville Location of Geneis Computer Systems

124 N. Main St.
Mayville, WI 53050
Hours: 9am - 5 pm (M-F)
Phone: (920) 659-0426

Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam Location of Genesis Computer Systems

1659 N. Spring St
Suite 101
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
Hours: 9am - 5 pm (M-F)
Phone: (920) 659-0426


A New Scam That’s Plays Tricks on Your Mind

As if there’s not enough to worry about with scams, viruses and the like, I have run across a new variation that uses the way letters look and how your mind perceives them, to tricking you into seeing what they want you to see.

A Little Setup

For example, let’s say that my name is Joe Farmer and I want to start a new farm that raises and sells frogs. Let’s call it Sounds like a cool name so let’s go with that!

Scammers out there are now registering domains that are very similar to my new domain. For example:,,

What's The Trick?

In a typical business situation, someone looking at these similar domain names will see what they want to see (, even though they are clearly wrong. This scam preys upon how your mind perceives letters. You can easily tell the difference now because I told you what to look for (or can you?), but most clerks in an office won’t spend more than 1/10 of a second glancing at the email it and believe it’s real especially if it looks like many of the others that have come before.

Now the scammer will send an email to my frog supplier or one of my frog customers and ask them to do something bad like log into their account from a link in the email, change their password, or even go so far as to ask them to update their routing numbers to pay me through my new bank account numbers which belong to the scammer. It is actually very easy to fake an email using information found on the internet, such as my logo, my name, my title, etc., or from someone else’s computer that has been compromised and has received an email from me.

So, my supplier gets an email that says it’s from me, with my full name, the right colors of my bullfrog green logo, and my signature block on the bottom, but sends the email from one of the fake accounts that have been registered like (did you see the difference there or did you see my domain?)

For all intents and purposes, it looks legit. Fortunately, my supplier isn’t that gullible and asks why I am changing banks. Not true, I tell him, it’s fake. Then I must explain how this scam works and it is usually someone without full computer/internet knowledge and it takes a while to explain that I have not been hacked, have a virus, or anything else.

Can You Stop It?

Unfortunately, because the scammer has created a situation outside of my ( email server, there is no way for me to block them or restrict them. You can’t say block everything from a .ru (Russia) or .ro (Romania) or any other country’s domain outside of the U.S. because it is a valid .com domain, even if it was only set up to scam people.

These fake domains can be looked up on, and it is pretty obvious that the domain doesn’t belong to me as they were registered by someone in Iceland, Russia, Sweden, etc. There is an abuse email where you can report these scam domains, but so far, the half-dozen or so that I have reported are still out there.

Is there a solution?

The solution is to question everything. Look closely and make sure it’s someone you know then ask yourself “Why would they ask me to log into their portal or change my bank information?” A simple phone call usually clears this up quickly. Once you catch this kind of deception, you can add a rule to your email that says “block everything from” or ask your IT department to do that at the top level.

The Weakest Link

Remember that the weakest link in any security system is the humans. You can have the most sophisticated system in the world, but if people don't check carefully or question everything, they keep getting through. Scams and phishing are getting more sophisticated every day.

Have questions, or need something explained better? Send me an email

Kraig Kasten, Genesis Computers

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